Csanády Winehouse

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Csanády tér 8.
+36 20/389-2219
+36 30/205-9386
e-mail: hibazoltan@t-online.hu

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8.00-12.00 and 16.00-19.00

This classical peasant style house is under national protection.

Csanády House, built in 1806 is the oldest residential house of the „puszta” (steppe) and Hajdúszoboszló. The former owner of the house was the Csanády family, one of the nobles of the Hajduk district, relatives of István Bocskai, and who got an emblazoned certificate from King Leopold I. in 1690. During the period between 1710 and 1790, the Hajduk captains came from this family, and in the following times this family provided prominent persons, such as generals and judges to the nation. This house survived the reform age, the war of independence, the age of conciliation, the happy peaceful times, and the two world wars.






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According to Government Decree No. 484/2020 (XI.10) released in the night of November 10, 2020 we would like to inform you:
- Hotels are permitted to receive only guests visiting for business, economic or education reasons, but not tourists.
- Using leisure facilities, including in particular fitness centres, indoor swimming pools, museums, libraries, cinemas, zoos and ice skating rinks, is forbidden.

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