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The Hajdúszoboszlói Turisztikai Nonprofit Kft is a local TDM /Tourism Destination Management/ organisation.

The TDM organisation was the „foundation stone laying” of the co-operation of the local professional organisations, a co-operation that was built from bottom upwards. This foundation stone was laid by the Local Government of Hajdúszoboszló, Hungarospa Zrt, the Catering Association of Hajdúszoboszló /Hajdúszoboszlói Vendéglátók Egyesülete/ and the Association of Private Accommodation Owners in Hajdúszoboszló /Hajdúszoboszlói Fizetővendéglátók Egyesülete/.

The TDM organisation of Hajdúszoboszló started its professional operation on July 1, 2010 and its most important purposes were the following:

  • to ensure professionalism and the attitude of modern management and strategy
  • in the area of directing local tourism,
  • to establish a new local professional co-operation model,
  • to manifest the owner’s attitude and to realise sectoral co-operation,
  • to involve professional and civil organisations into directing local tourism, into the development of destination level tourism policy, in an active manner.

Moreover, the following were also included among the goals of the Hajdúszoboszlói TDM organisation:

  • to make the city more competitive,
  • to extend guest traffic and positive economic impacts,
  • to improve information exchange and co-operation between the players of the tourist market,
  • to develop complex tourist services, to implement the related marketing,
  • and to establish the system of local sustainable tourism, to strengthen its professional and financial aspects.

The colleagues of the organisation are the following:

  • Ms. Enikő Lévay – Executive
  • Ms. Annamária Forman – Company manager
  • Ms. Szilvia Medgyesi – TDM manager
  • Mrs. Mira Sahin-Tóth – TDM marketing and sales manager

Tourinform office:

  • Nikolett Kovács – Front Office administrator
  • Máté Kozma – Front Office administrator