(HU) Válasszák a biztonságos szállásfoglalást és minőségi szálláshelyeket

1. augusta 2012

Dear Customers/ Visitors / Guests,

We are honoured to have you in Hajdúszoboszló. We would like to thank you for choosing the greatest recreational place in Hungary.
It has been 85 years since the thermal water’s sources were found in our city therefore in several generations we have been working hard on keeping Hajdúszoboszló to be the most famous touristic destination and continously developing our city’s facilities for your convinience.

The inhabitans happily welcome you in Hajdúszoboszló, cooporatively we provide you to enjoy our spa complex with wide range of facilites , accomodations, catering, programs with excellent qualities. We are about to satisfy your various requires.
We believe that „ our regular guests are the greatest treasure of us”!

However all of our excellent feedbacks there are also bad examples of welcomings. Due to the credit crunch, the economic situation had gone from fine to very risky .

Unfortunately there are people who ignors the law and tries to hunt guests without permittion, they are called the „guesthunters” .
Despite of the fact that we required the effective action for the statutory provisions in the Parliament, the possible ways are ensured by our autherity. The actual situation, what „the guesthunters” cause, puts our standards in danger which can decrease our outrageous level in tourism .

We utterly intend to find the appropiate solution to have you here in safe !
We count on those regular guest’s patients who will not ever hesitate to return to Hajdúszoboszló.
Regarding the previous experiences, hopefully we are going to be able to cooporatively protect you from any attacks in the future.
Please kindly use the following turistic webpage www.hajduszoboszlo.hu to book your accomodation, also do not hesitate to contact with our Tourinform headoffice wich is located next to the main entrance of Hungarospa. We also offer you to use the 24hours available 3 touch-info panels which are based closed to the Hungarospa.

We would like to inform you that there are possibilties for safety bookings , so therefore you do not need to contact with people who are standing next to the strada and blackmailing you.

Hajdúszoboszló, 10. july 2012.
Your sincerely:
Dr. Vincze Ferenc