Travelling to the site

Hajdúszoboszló – thanks to its location – may be excellently approached by road, railway, regular bus service, and also through air.

By car and tourist buses

Hajdúszoboszló may be excellently approached on road as well. The city is located along Main Road 4, and it may be easily reached both from Budapest and Debrecen. Moreover, from the direction of the capital Motorway M3 is also available to those, who come either by car or a tourist bus.

By train

Hajdúszoboszló can be easily approached along the railway line of Budapest-Debrecen-Záhony as well, therefore railway transport may be also recommended for travellers. The official timetable may be viewed at the internet website. Guests may arrive to Hajdúszoboszló in addition to fast, regular and intercity trains with international express trains as well.

By intercity bus

It is possible to come to Hajdúszoboszló with intercity bus lines as well. Regular bus lines operate between several East Hungarian county seats and Hajdúszoboszló. Bus lines come to the spa city of Hajdúszoboszló from the cities of Eger, Miskolc, Kecskemét and Szeged and also from the cities of Ózd and Gyöngyös. The effective timetables may be viewed on the internet page of

Through air

Currently, you can arrive by plane to Budapest-Ferihegy Airport and then you can achieved Hajdúszoboszló with transport modes that mentioned above. As well as the airport is in Debrecen from 20 km away Hajdúszoboszló, where scheduled and charter flights to arrive and then take a taxi, bus, or train easily accessible in half an hour Hajdúszoboszló. Official schedule for the Debrecen Airport, visit the website.