History of the city

The birthday of city of Hajdúszoboszló as a curing site and recreation centre as well as the birthday of the spa of Hajdúszoboszló is October 26, 1925.

This day gave the key to the future into the hands of the city. This is the day when the “liquid gold” erupted to the surface. It was a day that was decisive in the life of this small agricultural town from the aspect of tourism, and it offered a new opportunity for development. Two geologists, Dr. Ferenc Bőhm and Dr. Ferenc Vajna Pávai marked out the place of the trial drilling after thorough research. They received the permit needed for drilling more than one year before this important day. As a result of their work thermal water of 73 °C erupted from the depth of 1090.87 m. The new life of Szoboszló started with this day. The people of Szoboszló at that time were not even aware of this.

The curing water

In the beginning the town had no idea what they could do with the large quantity of water that came to the surface continuously. However, the opportunity of utilising the water was soon recognised through the experiences of the local people, since the men bathed in the water, the women started to wash clothes in it, and they experienced the beneficiary effect of the water through these activities. The news of the curing water was spread fast both in the neighbourhood and in the country. This raised the interest of the experts as well, and soon a long line of analyses started. As a result of these analyses the scientific opinion also supported that the water of Hajdúszoboszló has a curing effect. This led to the decision of building the bath.

Internationally acknowledged curing venue

The city became a health resort of international reputation as a result of the proven curing effects and the continuous developments. The tourist offers of the bath and of the city are continuously adjusted to the evolving trends, and they are merged with traditional therapeutic procedures. Thanks to this approach the assortment of services offered is wide in the area of health tourism. The guests visiting our city may enjoy at the very same place the beneficiary impact of the therapies that are offered in addition to the beneficiary impacts of the spa, and they may also experiment with the wellness and fitness life style related services, in the spirit of recreation. Hajdúszoboszló is an ideal tourist target not only for those people, who want to recuperate, but for those people as well, who wish to preserve their health and who wish to enjoy being in comfort.

The power of the spa, its utilisation

Recuperation that may be experienced as a result of applying the spa is due to the composition of the spa of Hajdúszoboszló. The therapies applied, supported – in addition to the effect of the components of the spa – by expertise and experiences, have a curing impact in the case of the following diseases:

  • internal medicine and dermatology related problems,
  • infertility, gynaecologic diseases,
  • urologic diseases,
  • locomotive disorders,
  • nervous system problems,
  • regeneration after surgery.

In addition to the examples mentioned there is a long list of the numerous beneficiary effects of the spa, but probably this brief list already shows its versatility in the area of curing, which has been the heritage and treasure of Hajdúszoboszló for many years.

Recuperation and prevention

Medical therapies are available directly within the spa, but they are also available to the guests at several hotels of the city. Treatments are always preceded by a specialist medical examination, and then for the purpose of solving the problems identified the treatment is started on the basis of the recommendation of the doctor. After the application of the therapies that are recommended in the course of assessing the health condition practically in 100 % of the cases a significant improvement takes place. Naturally there were and there will be exceptions, and this is why it is important and essential to consult with doctors before the treatments. As regards the utilisation of the spa, in addition to serving our guests having health problems, recreation is also important, since many people visit the spa for its regenerating and preventive impact. For healthy living it is essential to have recreation after the weekdays of work, to be recharged both physically and mentally, which may prevent the development of more serious problems.

The pharmacy of the nature

The spa, a treasure that was deposited during millions of year from the ancient Pannon Sea is one of the heritages of Hajdúszoboszló. This long lasting treasure has been serving the city for decades. Thanks to its unique mineral and trace element content the spa of Hajdúszoboszló may be applied widely in the area of preventing and curing health problems. In the case of both areas health is in the focus, since both in the course of health preservation and in the course of curing health problems the spa of Hajdúszoboszló is outstanding from among the product assortment of the pharmacy of nature.