Hajdúszoboszló thanks to the beneficiary effect of its spa has been a well known therapeutic centre of high reputation since 1932.

The beneficiary impact of the spa is certified by research studies and many cured patients. The city became nationwide well known in a short time, while its professional acknowledgement took seven years after the eruption of the thermal water.

Spa and Therapeutics

The therapeutic procedures of Hajdúszoboszló thanks to the knowledge and professional experiences that have been accumulated during the decades are capable of curing different sicknesses and mitigating a wide variety of problems. The curing effect of the spa of Hajdúszoboszló is proven by the high number of patients, who had been cured during many years and by the high number of the returning guests. Therapeutics existed already at the early times of the spa city, though at the start it was still immature. The medical section of the bath was first inaugurated in year 1935. At that time its building consisted of a resting unit, a massaging unit, a medical office, an inhalatorium, two covered thermal pools and a drinking hall.

Health Condition Assessment

Specialist doctors assess the health condition of the patients before applying any medical treatments at the spa and the therapeutic outposts. For medical therapy it is needed to apply a regular series of treatments, and achieving the desired effect requires minimum 15 treatments.

Spa and bath culture

Thanks to the composition and uniqueness of the spa of Hajdúszoboszló, the spa is the basis of all the medical cures, and the spa exerts an impact on the condition of the patients through bathing as well. The applied spa treatment together with the other treatments, thanks to the climate and atmosphere of the bathing town, has been successful for decades. One of the most well known procedures is the application of medical mud, which is at the same time one of the core elements of the cures. Additional treatment areas include drinking cures, movement therapies, inhalation cures, ultrasound, light and electro therapies.