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1.8 km
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1.8 km
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1.8 km
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Magdalena Apartment from the thermal spa 200m from the opened-air spa 200m open April - November from 3.500 Ft/person/night 9 reviews 10
Hotel Hőforrás from the thermal spa 450m from the opened-air spa 500m open All year from 8.240 Ft/person/night 15 reviews 8,8
Lénárt Apartmanok from the thermal spa 380m from the opened-air spa 480m open All year from 2.500 Ft/person/night 4 reviews 10
Mátyás Apartmanok from the thermal spa 60m from the opened-air spa 220m open All year from 4.350 Ft/person/night 3 reviews 10
Boglárka Vendégház from the thermal spa 590m from the opened-air spa 680m open All year from 2.600 Ft/person/night 7 reviews 10
Villa Toscana from the thermal spa 1210m from the opened-air spa 880m open All year from 5.000 Ft/person/night 2 reviews 10
Barátság Gyógy- és Wellness Szálloda from the thermal spa 230m from the opened-air spa 320m open All year from 8.500 Ft/person/night 23 reviews 7,6
Hotel Atlantis from the thermal spa 220m from the opened-air spa 170m open All year from 14.500 Ft/person/night 10 reviews 10
Hotel Aurum Family from the thermal spa 110m from the opened-air spa 270m open All year from 11.000 Ft/person/night 2 reviews 9,0
Villa Rosa from the thermal spa 520m from the opened-air spa 160m open All year from 5.600 Ft/person/night 1 review 10
Mátyás Király Spa & Wellness Hotel***superior from the thermal spa 380m from the opened-air spa 430m open All year from 10.900 Ft/person/night 23 reviews 9,4
Hungarospa Thermal Hotel from the thermal spa 490m from the opened-air spa 100m open All year from 12.200 Ft/person/night 20 reviews 10
Hunguest Hotel Aqua-Sol from the thermal spa 15m from the opened-air spa 15m open All year from 16.500 Ft/person/night 24 reviews 10
Hotel Aurum from the thermal spa 110m from the opened-air spa 260m open All year from 11.000 Ft/person/night 5 reviews 8,2
Thermal Camping from the thermal spa 860m from the opened-air spa 280m open All year from 2.310 Ft/person/night 15 reviews 7,2
Bródy 51-53 Apartmanok from the thermal spa 940m from the opened-air spa 480m open All year from 2.100 Ft/person/night 0 reviews ?
Betty Apartman from the thermal spa 500m from the opened-air spa 650m open All year from 6.000 Ft/person/night 2 reviews 10
Margó Vendégházak from the thermal spa 1460m from the opened-air spa 1250m open April - October from 2.000 Ft/person/night 1 review 10
Hunguest Hotel Apollo from the thermal spa 380m from the opened-air spa 430m open All year from 13.500 Ft/person/night 10 reviews 10
Villa AIDA Apartmenthouse from the thermal spa 690m from the opened-air spa 620m open All year from 4.000 Ft/person/night 25 reviews 10

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According to Government Decree No. 484/2020 (XI.10) released in the night of November 10, 2020 we would like to inform you:
- Hotels are permitted to receive only guests visiting for business, economic or education reasons, but not tourists.
- Using leisure facilities, including in particular fitness centres, indoor swimming pools, museums, libraries, cinemas, zoos and ice skating rinks, is forbidden.

Thank you for your understanding!

For new infomation, concerning the pandemia, please check out our website!

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