Hajdúszoboszló a superb resort for pensioners

Why is Hajdúszoboszló a superb resort for pensioners? We will let you know.

While there is a myriad of offers for families and couples, in Hajdúszoboszló also the older generation can be felt pampered when visiting the spa town of the Plains. And this is like that not only because the services of the spa complex.

We give you 5 reasons why it is worth to come to Hajdúszoboszló and to have rest and heal here also as a pensioner.

5 reasons

  1. Easy accessibility:
    The bus station is only a few meters away from the building of the spa, thus you need to walk only a few minutes and you can already take a bath. If we arrive by train, we can get there by taking bus line no. 1 or 1A, and – what’s more – this trip is free of charge for the retired.
  2. Excellent medical and spa services with discounts:
    In the medical bath, where one can take a bath and heal in a medicinal water of unique composition, three indoor and four outdoor pools can be found, furthermore, some of the pools located in the traditional part of the beach area can be used, as well. In addition to the spa treatments, more than forty types of medical treatments are provided, which are prescribed on an individual basis, after a medical examination.
  3. Retired-friendly accommodation:
    Several local hotels, guesthouses or apartments offer special discounts for the elderly and pensioners, it is worth to collect information in advance and take advantage of the discounts. One does not need to give up the comfort of half board in the self-catering apartments either, as most of the restaurants ensure the possibility of using half board at a nearby restaurant. There is a place where families with children are not accepted, thus one can relax and recuperate with a complete peace of mind.
  4. Gentle exercise programs:
    Bike rental and participation in group or individual exercise programs is provided at a number of hotels. In some of the local hotels, one can participate in group fitness sessions where animators help to acquire the correct way of doing exercise, such as: spinal gymnastics, aqua fitness water exercise, Callenetics fat burning gymnastics, Thera Bank gymnastics, fit ball. But, of course, those who wish to move around and preserve their health in the open air, cycling or walking is the best exercise.
  5. Entertainment corresponding to one’s field of interests:
    Iin the local Cultural Centre, Kovács Máté Cultural Centre study circles of long tradition are held where like-minded visitors are awaited, thus during the holiday one can get new friends while we do our favourite hobby: patchwork piecing or preparing emproidery. The patchwork study cicle has been operating for 11 years and there is also a lace, embroidery and enamel study circle, as well. Moreover, the Clear Sunset Folk Song Circle holds its sessions, too; it is available every Wednesday morning, thus you can listen to their repertoire as well, which can be a great little program in the time spent here. Of course, those who like peaceful pastime, can read a great book in the library of the beautifully renovated Cultural Centre; one can choose here from journals, magazines, newspapers or we can reserve a book from the collection of books consisting of several thousand of pieces. Registration is free of charge for people over 70 years, and for pensioners under the age of 70 it is HUF 400.