2022. May 30.

Gergely Apartman

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2022. May 30.

Kőris Apartman

2022. May 30.

Amira Apartman

2013. April 2.

Silver Major

Original rustic surroundings and atmosphere wait for you, your family and your partners near to Hajdúszoboszló, in Silver Major.

The homestead lies on 45 hectares, where you can find several possibilities for spending your time: inn for 240 persons, thermal pool, crawl, possibilities for team-buildings, Farm Olympics. Thatched buildings, native animals and museum exhibits allow you to inspect the smallest details of rustic world. The pools onto approximately 150 metres can be found from the accomodation. This is accessible with car and on foot.We are waiting for our kind child guests with baby friend and chemical-free pool, which is cleaned every day. Not to leave your pets at home, bring it into the nature!
14 double room (6 room with traditonal furniture)
14 double room with kitchenette
2 apartment
Our 4 star calm accomodation waits the dear guests. Our air-conditioned rooms equipped with TV sets (hungarian and international channels), floor and electrical heating. The bathrooms have got toilet, bidet and warm thermal water. Wireless Internet is available in Silver Major.
thermal pool, swimming pool, sunbeds Read more

2011. June 17.


Private Lodging House “VÁR-LAK” The accomodation can be found 100 meters away from the thermal, in the summer resort district of Bánomkert, in Hajdúszoboszló. It is a one-leveled building of 54 squaremeters on an individual parcel of 90 squaremeters. There … Read more

2011. March 26.


The BB-LAK Guesthouse located a few minutes walk from the spa.

The guesthouse is open in the whole year. It is a comfort place for 10 people staying at one time.
There are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. Internet access is possible.
Parking in a closed area. BBQ available in the garden. Read more

2011. March 21.

Tujás Ház

A Tujás Ház Hajdúszoboszló üdülő övezetében, a sétáló utca folytatásában, a fürdőtől tíz perc sétára található.

A Tujás Házban tágas, nagyméretű szobák, az épület jellege klíma nélkül biztosítja a legmelegebb nyári napokban is a kellemes közérzetet.

Az épületben található :

– egy darab egyszobás, kétágyas apartman
– egy darab kétszobás ( kettő + háromágyas apartman

A szobák igény szerint pótágyazhatók.
Az apartmanokhoz felszerelt konyha, fürdőszoba, televízió és társalgó tartozik.
Baráti társaság esetén, igény szerint az apartmanok társalgón keresztül össze is kapcsolhatók.

Az udvaron szabad terasz, bográcsozási lehetőség.
Parkolás zárt udvarban.

Szeretettel várjuk Önöket szálláshelyünkön, kérje ajánlatunkat! Read more

2011. February 20.

Tóth Béláné

2011. February 20.

Bacsó Apartman

2011. February 19.

Kösely Vendégház

Kösely guesthouse is located in Hajdúszoboszló.

The house with its unique Mediterranean atmosphere has been prividing a real rest for our guests for many years now.

The guesthouse is abailable for vamilies with small children or for bigger companies as well. There are five bedrooms – to each of them belongs a balcony -, three bathrooms and a big dining room in the house.

Downstairs in the spacious living room we have a TV set and a well-equipped kitchen with a big dining table. Special beds, special chairs, a sandbox and toys are also abailable for small children. The garden privides excellent outdoor cooking facilities, a plaxing area for children and a good chance for everyone to relax to recover and have fun.

The garden locked can be, so you can leave your car there. Read more

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