Hajdúszoboszló thanks to the beneficial effects of the spa is known and appreciated nation-wide.

We collected the following information with the purpose of providing correct information to those kind guests of ours, who select the city of Hajdúszoboszló to be the destination of their trip and recuperation, as regards the beneficiary impact of the spa, the wide assortment of the medical treatments and services.

In the following we wish to draw your attention to the medical service of the bath complex of Hajdúszoboszló and the other medical services of the city in order to introduce to you the recuperating features of Hajdúszoboszló, which ensures for the adult age group the possibility of bathing, recuperation and recreation!

Have a glance at our „Healing” special edition:

1. The “hot gold” of Hajdúszoboszló

The 73 Celsius degree thermal water erupts to the surface from a depth of 1090.87 meters. Well known researchers declared the following. „The water of Hajdúszoboszló is unique in its class, waters of similar composition and temperature are unknown” – according to Dr János Bodnár and „The water of Hajdúszoboszló can be considered to be a five times diluted sea water, and it is nothing else, but the recalled ghost of the sea of the Triassic Age” – according to Dr. Zoltán Dalmady

The composition of the water:

Components: mg/l
Potassium 18
Sodium 1260
Ammonium 11.2
Calcium 12
Magnesium 1.8
Iron 0.14
Manganese <0.02
Lithium 0.30
Total amount of cations: 1303.44
Nitrate <1.00
Nitrite <0.01
Chloride 1030
Bromide 8.30
Iodide 6.85
Fluoride 1.5
Sulphate <10
Hydrogen carbonate 1720
Sulphide 0.24
Total phosphate
Total amount of anions: 2766.89
Metaboric acid 93
Metasilicic acid 52
Free carbonic acid 33
Dissolved oxygen 5.4
Arsenic <2
Total: 4253.73
Radium emanation Rn 1.40×10-10 Curie

2. Indications, contra-indications

The bath cure applied in the spa has a healing power in the case of the following diseases:

  • inflammations, deteriorations of the joints,
  • inflammatory diseases of the backbone,
  • chronic nerve pains, nerve inflammations,
  • poliomyelitis, cerebral accident, cerebral surgery,
  • post treatment of muscle pains, bone injuries, sport injuries,
  • specific forms of vasoconstrictions,
  • chronic gynaecologic diseases, infertility,
  • chronic cutaneous diseases (eczema).


  • inflammatory disease,
  • cancerous malignant tumour disease,
  • circular insufficiency, serious blood pressure increase,
  • grave central nervous system disease,
  • infectious disease, pulmonary tuberculosis, infectious aversion generating skin disease,
  • pregnancy.

3. Health in the focus in Hajdúszoboszló – therapeutic impact, prevention, recreation

The therapeutic effect of the spa of Hajdúszoboszló is proven by the high number of patients, who have been cured during many years and the high number of the returning guests. However, the fact of curing assumes a health problem that could have been prevented with the aid of an appropriate life style.

Prevention enjoys a priority in preserving health and avoiding the diseases. Recreation allows an even more complex way of preserving health. The purpose of recreation is to maintain and continuously nurse physical and mental health with the aid of the beneficial impacts of physical movement and the nature, and with the aid of cultural experiences. Harmonising the life style this way leads to optimising the performance of our body and spirit.

The guests coming to Hajdúszoboszló may become cured, and they may preserve their health, in addition to participating entertaining and recreating activities.

4. Condition assessing medical examination

Before applying the curing and wellness treatments, the experts assess the health condition of the guests and select the appropriate treatments in the spas, on the occasion of on site therapies and at the wellness hotels. On the occasion of rheumatologic consultations the specialist doctors establish in the framework of personal consultation based on the symptoms of the patients the possible diseases, problems, and they do prescribe spa treatments for the guests in order to mitigate these disorders. In the interest of achieving a curing effect the application of a “cure” is recommended, which usually consists of at least 15 treatments.

5. The curing therapy of Hajdúszoboszló

The basis of the curing therapies applied in Hajdúszoboszló is the spa of Hajdúszoboszló. In the spa of Hajdúszoboszló all the hydrotherapeutic treatments (weight-bath, underwater beam massage, underwater remedial physical exercise, carbonic bath) are done with thermal water. The remedial impact is certified by professional examinations and the experiences of many years, however this beneficial impact is realised as the joint effect of the favourable climatic environment and the peaceful small town atmosphere.

The complex programs do merge the beneficial impacts of the spa, in line with the demands. The elements of the cures defined by the specialist doctors may include the following: hydro-balneology therapeutic treatment, drinking cure, inhalation, sludge therapy, physicotherapy, remedial physical exercises, electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, light therapy.

6. Massage and physical exercise therapy

The most well known and preferred elements of the bath cure of Hajdúszoboszló are represented by massages and remedial physical exercises. The pains that are caused by the diseases and the deteriorations may make the life of the person involved very bitter; however these pains may be avoided or reduced with the aid of remedial physical exercises and massage treatments.

Massaging not only relaxes our body and spirit, but it also promotes the production of hormones that generate the feeling of love and which contribute to recuperation. For example the traditional Swedish massage has an outstanding recuperating effect, it has a favourable impact on the muscles, it improves the circulation of the blood, and it reduces fatigue.

Remedial physical exercise is a kind of sport that may be undertaken by those people as well in the interest of preserving their health, who cannot be engaged in any other sport activity due to their locomotive or other problems. This form of physical movement, thanks to its beneficial impact, is an activity that assists us in preserving our health and it also has a therapeutic effect.

7. Therapeutic treatment

The blessed impacts of the thermal water of Hajdúszoboszló may be enjoyed by the visitors of the city not only as the guest of the spa , but at certain local accommodationsites as well.

In Hajdúszoboszló thermal water cures are also available in the baths of the local hotels, in addition to the central spa. In our days the spotlight is directed on complex physicotherapeutic treatments, therefore the bath cures offered are complemented with other services, e.g. with remedial physical exercises, mechano-therapy, and electrotherapy as well.

The guests are awaited with the same quality and expertise as regards the therapeutic services of Hajdúszoboszló both at the spa and at the on site therapies as well.

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