Bocskai István Museum



01.04 -31.10
Tuesday-Sunday 10.00-18.00
Monday: closed


Hajdúszoboszló Bocskai street. 12.
+36 52/362-165

Ticket prices

Adult 1200.-HUF/ person
Studen, senior 600.-HUF/person

The Bocskai Museum is located in the old town centre of Hajdúszoboszló on the street named after the monarch.

An agricultural-history exhibition may be visited in the garden of the Bocskai Museum which presents the continuous technical development starting from the 1800’s. Additional unique attractions are the aluminium bells of Edit Oborzil and he husband Tibor Jeney, which they have donated to Hajdúszoboszló as a legacy. The bells of the city’s symbolic bell hall are also part of this collection.

The main building of the multi-building Bocskai Museum is home to a permanent historical exhibition presenting the history of Hajdúszoboszló. A unique rarity of the museum is the Bocskai-flag which has been donated to the hajdu soldiers and remained among the items of the Bocskai István Museum up to this day as a representative of great value. As a reminiscent of the past the emblem on the flag may also be seen on the charter of the hajdú’s of Szoboszló, and on the emblem of today’s Hajdúszoboszló.

The exhibition is very diverse holding the painting of István Bocskai principal which is the artwork of János Szűcs, with objects, battle relics and the tangible relics of the famous Ernő Szép and Ferenc Pávai Vajna who were born in the city. As additional curiosity, a collection of insects and butterflies characteristic to the Hajdúsági countryside may be viewed.

As a part of the Bocskai Museum, but in a separate building the Museum Gallery may be visited, where the heritage of the artists: Gusztáv Cseh and László Szombati welcomes visitors.

Exhibitions currently available:
Regional historical exhibition/ the hajdu settling of István Bocskai and the history of the hajdú city
Folk Art exhibition/ Permanent exhibition of the folk art of the Hajdúság and folk artists living in Hajdúszoboszló
Museum Gallery/ Permanent exhibition of Gusztáv Cseh graphic artist from Kolozsvár and Miskolci László painter, who was born in Hajdúszoboszló. The yard holds a temporary outdoor headstone exhibition with the title “8 hours of work, 8 hours of rest, 8 hours of entertainment” – everyday life in the Kádár-era.

Picture of the Bocskai Museum

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