The Hajdúszoboszló Bell House and its painted symbolic trees

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1-3. Szent István Park Hajdúszoboszló

The Bell House is the youngest architectural creation of Hajdúszoboszló; the building serves the purpose of the location and presentation of the Oborzil bell-heritage donated to the city.

In the circle-shaped open structure which has a role of preservation and presentation, the 50 pcs of aluminium bell inherited by Hajdúszoboszló were placed. When planning the building, Zoltán Rácz architect applied several symbol systems, since the four pillars of the Bell House symbolize the four seasons, the four cardinal points and the starting points of the bell system simultaneously.

The building of the Bell House is located in the park between the city’s main street and the Medicinal Spa. According to the artist the building represents the symbolic Carpathian basin into which the four springs flow from the roots of three painted symbolic trees in the adjacent park.

The three painted symbolic trees really help and promote the functional and ideological role, value of the building by their ethos. The three symbolic trees display and – by their colours – emphasize the Legend of the Turul, the story of the White Stag and the tales and legends related to the Tree of Life.

The names of the symbolic trees are Turulo, White Stag and Spirit Bird. The symbolic trees mean to represent the following quests in the world:
Turulo is the Hungarian nation, the fulfilment of the quest of the House of Árpád,
the White Stag represents the earthly quests based on the recognition of heavenly values,
while the Spirit Bird is the tree of god, and the tree of life is the symbol of the ability of rebirth.

The following inscriptions are visible of the symbolic trees employing runic script:
Turulo: Blessed beautiful Sun, bright beautiful Sun, born at down, it appears, it brightens up.
White Stag: I am the ambassador of the Father in heaven, Sent by the great law
Spirit Bird: The Earth shall be ready for a new birth

The bells of the Bell House are unique creations, during the creation of which, the artists were inspired by the stone carvings, silversmith work, jewelled inlays, cape pattern, embroidery and braiding of the 11th and 12th centuries. The symbols of the bells can be tightly bound to the period of state foundation; the ones around the little lake were made especially in St. István’s memory and on each one of them, a sentence can be read from the laws of our state founder. From this point on, like the Feszty-cyclorama, the historical tableau moves along the carvings of the wooden pillars standing on the edge of the building, from the age of St. István to present days. The basin, i.e. the first pillar which is after the state foundation, depicts the age of constant wars between the 11th-14th centuries.

If you spend your holiday at Hajdúszoboszló visit St. István Park and admire the view of the unique building of the Bell House, with the carved pillars and the symbolic trees in the park behind them.

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