The spa of Hajdúszoboszló sounds familiar to everyone, but much fewer people know that entertainment and recreation is available in Hajdúszoboszló before and after the summer open air bathing season as well.

Thanks to the covered adventure bath of the city a wide range of aqua entertainment options became available throughout the year, and thus we may already say that life is effervescent in Hajdúszoboszló throughout the year.

In the following we wish to draw your attention to the services of the bath complex of Hajdúszoboszló and to the other services of the city and we wish to introduce to you the entertainment side of Hajdúszoboszló as well. Based on our introduction it is obvious that our city is able to provide for people of all ages physical and mental recuperation, the possibility of carefree recreation.

Have a glance at our „Entertainment” special edition:

1. Open-Air Bath

Open air bath, an entertainment for the whole family The area of the open air bath is 30 hectares. There are 13 pools that offer water adventures within this area. The boat lake located within the area of the bath offers additional entertainment opportunities including boating, paddle boating.

Within the area of the Open Air Bath the most well known from among the traditional swimming pools are the Wave Pool and the Effervescent Pool, which enrich bathing with adventure elements. From among the developments of the open air bath the implementation of the Mediterranean Sea Shore, is one of the developments that deserve great attention. It is the greatest built open air pool of Central Europe. The sandy beach, the pirate ship, the lighthouse and the palm trees generate a Mediterranean feeling.

Other elements of the offer include the swimming pool, the baby pool, the children’s pool, the training pool and the omega pool with its two track chute, all of which offer opportunities for carefree recreation. In addition to aqua entertainment there is a playground and there are animation programs for the small children, which also contribute to the richness of the adventures available within the site of the open air bath of Hajdúszoboszló.

In the sport centre that is located within the area of the bath there are such sporting opportunities also available in addition to bathing, as for example strand volley-ball, football tennis, table tennis, strand football, and tennis. Within the area of the open air bath there is a nudist island available as well, for those, who are fond of naturism. The open air bath unit of Hajdúszoboszló awaits the guests from May till the end of September.

2. Aquapark, the chute park

In the Aquapark there are 9 types of chutes with taking off at a height of 12 meters. Each of them offers a different adventure for splashing into the water. The names of the chutes speak for themselves: Four Track Multichute, Kamikaze, Hydrochute, Black Hole, Crazy River, the Huge Chute, Big Hole, Twister, Niagara. In the Aquapark, after the chute adventures, people of all ages may enjoy the resting, bathing opportunities that are offered by three bathing pools and a sweeping river. In order to provide additional entertainment for the small children there is a mini chute, a water castle, and a wooden playground as well. The life sized animals present within the territory of the open-air bath can be seen in the pools of the chute park as well. These animals will be remembered not only by the children, but by the adults as well, as the symbols of their pleasant summer adventures.

It is possible to approach the Aquapark from the area of the open air bath after purchasing a separate entry arm band that may be either valid for a whole day or for a shorter time if required.

3. Aqua-Palace, a covered adventure bath

In March 2010 a new attraction was added to the bath complex of Hajdúszoboszló. This new attraction is the Aqua-Palace, a covered adventure bath, which awaits the visitors throughout the year with wellness and fitness services as well, in addition to many different types of bathing options. The complex offers unique services to the guests as well, first of all the private baths and the relax room deserve to be mentioned from among them. On the ground floor of the bathing building section there are 8 thematic pools, these include the Pávai Thermal Bath, the Ice Cave Bath, the Ganges Bath, the Rome Bath, the Cave Bath, the Tropical Bath, the Sea Bath , which present the symbols of the cultures of different ages and they also take the guests into the world of nature during bathing.

In the children’s world located on the first floor the baby and family pools, chutes, animation programs, playing house, occupation room, the diaper room, the resting and breast feeding room ensure the conditions for the perfect recreation of families with small children. The surfing simulator that is especially beloved by the youngsters and the additional sport opportunities offered in the surf building, including squash, spinning, aqua-fitness and other organised physical exercise programs, represent another specific feature of the Aqua-Palace adventure bath.

4. Festivals

The core element of recreation in Hajdúszoboszló is water, but there are a number of other programs that makes staying here really memorable. Gastronomy is an important complementing feature of adventures. Gastronomy is not only present in the offer of the restaurants, but it plays an outstanding role on the occasion of the festivals of the city. The spa city is characterised by a friendly small town atmosphere outside the main season, while in the summer an effervescent festival atmosphere prevails. Therefore the two seasons offer different entertainment options. Music, dancing and lively life in the public squares represent an essential feature of the summer spirit. Festival gastronomy is very popular. This is reflected by the fact that the series of open air events is opened in May with the Grill and Beer Festival of Hajdúszoboszló, while the season closing event is Biofood and Wine Festival of Hajdúszoboszló, organised in September.

Taste the local flavours and traditions! The following is a short, season based list of the guaranteed programs of Hajdúszoboszló.


  • Hungarospa open air bath opening event


  • The Grill Food and Beer Festival of Hajdúszoboszló
  • Szoboszló Folk Weekend
  • Dixiland Days of Szoboszló
  • Kösely-cup horse riding competition
  • Dixiland Days of Szoboszló


  • Sheep and “Slambuc” Cooking Day
  • Biofood and Wine Festival


  • New Year whip snapping called „csergetés”

5. Hajdúszoboszló – the active way

Active sport entertainment offered for families is also popular in Hajdúszoboszló. There are different programs that ensure year by year the possibility for the families to make their time spent together and their recreation more eventful. Bicycle riding may be tried in several different ways, however no matter whether one starts his ride after renting a bicycle or one travels following the principle of “four persons on four wheels” in a cycle-coach, having high spirits is a prerequisite in each case! For the less active guests we recommend that they should take their whole family on a city sightseeing tour riding the “Dottó” train. A rich offer of more active programs and sport opportunities are also available in Hajdúszoboszló. The visitors of the spa city may select from the swimming, tennis, horse riding, mini golf, padel, angling offers available. At the lodging places of Hajdúszoboszló there are other lively programs also available to the guests, e.g. they may play table tennis, bowling, or billiard.

6. Adventures in Hajdúszoboszló and its vicinity

Guests interested in visual experiences are awaited by the cinema and the museum of the city. The lovers of speed may try the adventure of speeding at the go-cart track operated at the airport of Hajdúszoboszló, even without a driving licence. The quad track located in the green zone also offers an entertainment and sporting opportunity independently of age. In the “Mókuskaland” //Squirrel Experience// adventure park it is an exciting challenge for people of all ages to test their abilities over the forest obstacle course. The one hectare territory awaits children and adults from spring till autumn, offering them separate excitements. Each participant may share the experiences of a squirrel for a short time over the tracks that have been built in a natural environment at different heights. Paintball recalls the beloved games of childhood called the “War of Numbers” and “Hide and Seek”. There are several fields available for playing paintball in green zone of Hajdúszoboszló.

The airport of Hajdúszoboszló offers different opportunities for recreation in the air. Brave people love to pass the time with hang gliding, flying with hot air balloons, sightseeing flights and parachuting.

Those looking for additional adventures may enrich their rest with an excursion either to Debrecen or to Hortobágy.

7. Catering

The catering units of Hajdúszoboszló offer abundant opportunities for tasting Hungarian and international dishes and drinks over the complete territory of the city. The offer of the catering units of the city is very diversified. This rich choice has evolved during many years upon the impact of the visitors coming here and the demands and customs of the local population. The gastronomy offer offer of the city is just as wide ranging as its accommodation offer, since one may choose between restaurants, inns, pizzerias, fast food units, wineries, bars, and in addition to all these catering units for the fans of desserts there are several confectionaries that offer their delicious and special sweet and salty cakes, and their coffee specialties.

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