The way of taverns

7. November 2016

Get to know the best taverns near Hajdúszoboszló!

Nowadays, we tend to think about taverns only as restaurants, but at the same time, they are also the keepers of history and a part of our common heritage.
They provided food and shelter for the tired merchants and wanderers, this is why they were built along such busy roads, just like the Salt Road in Hortobágy. In the Middle Ages, this was the transportation route of the salt – shipped on rafts from the salt mines of Maramures – from the Tiszafüred port. The thematic route titled “The way of taverns” flows us back to the world of that-time traders, while, of course, we can fill our stomach, too. Learn about the stops of the route titled “The way of taverns”, established in the territory of Hortobágy National Park, located for a half-an-hour-drive from Hajdúszoboszló:

“The way of taverns”

Hortobágy Great Tavern

The guesthouse built in the eighteenth century in folk classical style is the largest tavern of the Great Plain and the oldest building of Hortobágy. The restaurant located at the nine-arch bridge placed a central role also in case of Bridge Fairs and it is a still important place in the catering industry of Hortobágy. Today we can view its history, the transport of the steppe and the famous guests in the form of an exciting exhibition. We can try contemporary clothes and take photos of it, too; furthermore, we can taste also the delicious dishes of Hortobágy.

Patkós Tavern, Tiszafüred

It is a traditional restaurant with red plaid tablecloths and an oven, where we can sit down in the beer garden during the summer. We can choose from the classic dishes from Hungarian cuisine, but if we would like to try the local specialties, try the meat pancakes of Hortobágy, the fish soup made of Tisza carp, the outlaw bundle with potato pie or the wrapped marrow á la Hortobágy.

Meggyes Tavern

In 1975, the Board of Directors of Hortobágy National Park saved and renewed the tavern of the turn of the century which was used as a warehouse at that time. In the rooms of the building located in the charming steppe environment, the tavern museum got furnished with contemporaneous furniture and tools. This way we can see what a clean room, a smoke-filled kitchen, the drinking area and the room of the owner was like.

Taverns in the offer of Hajdúszoboszló

Although Kemencés Tavern in Hajdúszoboszló is not a part of the route but it simply cannot be missed if we desire to try the atmosphere of a tavern. The tavern combines modern with traditional and is located for only 100 meters from the entrance of the spa. Apart from such divine Hungarian dishes like roast piglet or fried foie gras, it can be an excellent choise, but if we are already there, do not miss the oven-baked dishes either.
Another tavern-style restaurant of Hajdúszoboszló is Admiral Fishermen’s Tavern, where it is particularly recommended to try the dishes prepared from the good-quality fish originating from the excellent fish ponds – located along the Tisza and in the neighbourhood. We also recommend you to visit Tuba Farm, for 5 km from the city where the traditional Hungarian dishes, the cuisine of our grandmothers, our childhood favourites and the seasonal raw materials provided by the farmyard and the kitchen garden influence the offer, but it is definitely worth to visit it. Preliminary reservation is required.